Monday, November 9, 2009


Ha! I can't imagine what it will be like one day when Truett has a family! We are proud enough of Blue and she's 'just a dog'. YEP, she had puppies Friday afternoon! Ryan kept telling me that I was going to need to be there for her when she was giving birth and all. I didn't realize he would 'plan it' where he wasn't here and I REALLY DID have to be there for her!
It was quite an eventful day. I put Truett down for a nap thinking I would get all this stuff done and realized Blue was acting strange outside as she kept walking all over the yard which she never really does... and oh no! She got under the barn/shed in our backyard and I realized she was making a spot! So, the mean mother that I am, closed up the gap so she couldn't get back under there, called Ryan and he brought some hay where we could make her a few comfy spots (her dog house, another shed and the back porch). Needless, to say I messed up her plan and in turn had to work harder for it.
Blue ended up having only 3 puppies but each one in a different place! Thank the good Lord, Mrs. Teresa and her son, Riley came over by chance. She wanted to get Truett to surprise Kayla when she got home. (Kayla was Truett's first babysitter - post below somewhere)
I had to take the first two pups to Blue for her to do what dogs do when they give birth (no details) and kept them in a box until she quit wandering around and worrying me to death. Finally she had the last one on the back porch or we would have never found it in the dark! We found the first one that was born after the second was born in her dog house. (Thanks, Riley for getting it out!)
So, lesson learned...never mess up a momma's nest!

But we're loving having little pups around. They are so small but have fat bellies. So, Blue is taking good care of them! They are AKC registered goldies and will be ready about the week before Christmas! Can't wait to watch them grow and see Truett play with them when their little eyes open. He's not so sure about them right now!
Congrats, Blue Berry! You're a mommy!!!!

Blue's a sweet mommy

her little munchkins

little man is not too sure about this little thing


Halloween was crazy in our neighborhood because people come out of the woodworks to bring their kids trick or treating! We thought about taking a picture of each little monster that came by but that would have been absolutely impossible! I seriously saw one house that had a line of about 10 kids at the door when Truett and I were coming back from his trick or treating!
While Ryan stayed at the house for the candy hungry kiddos, I took Truett to a few places so they could see how stinkin' cute his giraffe/cow self was!
Blue even got a little dressed up despite her preggo belly! (note her necklace)

our kiddos

somebody liked the candy bowl

cute little giraffe with a really short neck