Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Once this posts, I'll be in Nashville with a load of teenagers from FBC Grenada. Of course, not just me ... two more chaperones too. I'm praying it will be an awesome week for all of us! BUT I must say, I'm going to miss these boys! This is actually the first time I've been away from both of them for this long! I'm not one to freak over things like that or anything but I sure will miss my boys!! Can't wait to see you both in the mountains on Saturday!! In the mean time, BeBe and MiMi will be taking good care of them both!! What a blessing to have wonderful family allowing me to be apart of such a thing that is so dear to my heart!! I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for us!
Join me as we pray for our students this week!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mission accomplished ... sort of and other fun things!

Is anything wrong with this picture? Well, to most people, 'NO', would be the simple answer! But for me, YES!! There is something wrong here. My child is not frowning, crying or screaming while wearing the floatie in the water!!!
Thanks to Kayla and her teamwork, we got this thing on him while he was not so happy about it. BUT right after she lowered him into the pool and he realized he could float, whala!! A smile!! Unfortunately this only lasted for about 3 minutes and then the water getting in his mouth freaked him out! But if you've been with me and Truett at the pool this summer, you know this is a major accomplishment! He'd rather be free of anything that floats and jump off the side or on the steps and hope someone pulls him out of the water! HA!! I'm convinced by the end of the summer, it won't be a fight! Thanks, Kayla bug!!!

We've been doing a lot of packing around here since Truett is going on a grandparent tour while I'm at MFUGE this week. Truett found a little something I had put away until he was old enough to enjoy it. He drug this thing from his closet to the den and insisted we open it up. BeBe, gave it to us months ago. It was Ryan's when he was a boy. It's great and compact which I love with the train and all the bridges and pieces inside. Then, you turn the box over and it's the track! We played with it twice yesterday for a while! There is no doubt Fisher Price toys are well made. This thing is great and looks brand new! Thanks, BeBe!! You sure know all the fun toys boys love and how sweet that my little man is getting to enjoy a toy his daddy once did too!

A Visit with Tanner and Dr. Molly

Laura, a friend of mine from high school, lives in Oxford and goes to the same pediatrician that we do. We've been trying to get together. So, Thursday, Truett and I paid she and her little man Tanner a visit.

No, we did not get new bedding... this is Truett asleep in Tanner's bed!

This is where we began our visit ... Tanner asleep on the chair and Truett asleep in the car and then the bed! And, then they went after it — toys, monster truck movies, popsicles, hot dogs. FUN! FUN! FUN!

We had a great time and will definitely have to do it again! Thanks, Laura and Tanner for sharing your toys and house with us. It was a lot of fun!

So, then, on to the doctor.
This was T's 15 month check up since we have always been almost a month behind on doctor visits since our first. It was great!

Our little man is GROWING!!

He's officially 16 months. Weighs 28 lbs. 6 oz. and measures 32.5 in.
He really showed out for Dr. Molly saying all kinds of things while I held a book of animals. It was pretty hilarious. So, no worries on development. We're doing just fine!
Mom is happy shots are officially over until he's 4!!

Truett, today you are a precious big boy!
You love your squeaky shoes from Hayden. They are too funny!
You still LOVE milk! This morning you didn't even want breakfast...just 2 cups of milk.
Food likes come and go for you. Right now you love hot dogs, chicken nuggets, fruit cups (preferring to be fed it rather than eat it with your hands), fresh pears, chips, puffs, puffs, puffs, grapes, strawberries, whipped cream, cherries – ok, pretty much everything!
You LOVE to play in the water hose!! Nothing joys you more!
You love to watch movies in the car.
Your daddy is more fun than anybody!!! He's so much fun for you to watch and mimic.
You are saying lots of things especially when we ask you to. (down please, cat, cow MOOOO, dawwwwggg (when you hear one bark), BLOOOO (you and Blue have a loved/hate relationship) and lots more.
You have the greatest little laugh! I love it when we get you really tickled. It's wonderful!
We love you and can't wait to see you continue to grow even more. It sure is going fast!

Friday, June 25, 2010

A Fun Father's Day

Father's Day was a special day! Not only was it all about our daddys but we got to spend it with the whole Burnham crew at the Rawson's house! The Rawsons are my oldest sister, Julie's, in-laws. They are like family! So, Mrs. Sherry invited us all out for shrimp and fish and LOTS of food (wish I had a picture). We were all STUFFED when we left ... shrimp, fish, potatoes, corn, slaw, hushpuppies, cream cheese pound cake with all the toppings, fruit, pies that never came out of the fridge, and homemade ice cream. I'm sure there was more that I never saw!
Let's just say, Mrs. Sherry knows how to host a big group!!

After lunch, we went out to the lake behind the house to do a little fishing. No one caught anything worth writing home about but we had a good time sweating our booties off!! And the Sasser kids just loved every part of it!

Jake got a few lessons from his daddy

Dean could do it all by himself!

Princess Madelynn can get anything she wants ... and Jake took advantage too!

So, Happy Father's Day to my dad and my husband!!

It was a precious day for me to be able to spend it with both.
My dad is a wonderful man. He is a humble, Godly man, a servant, and so hardworking. I have learned so much from him for the past 30 years. I am so proud to call him my DAD!

Me and my sweet daddy

three girls ... I wonder if we were a hand full growing up!?

My sweet husband ... I must say, I looked forward to the day that he would be a father to our children from the day we married. He's so great with Truett, and Truett definitely loves his daddy! Bath time is their time every night ... not always the most pleasant time lately but Ryan is still a trooper with him! Ryan is a wonderful dad too! It's so exciting to watch my boys together and know that Truett will learn so much from his daddy just like I have!

after church ... playing with Pops FIRST gift
Truett LOVES his daaayeeee!

We love our daddy!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Oh YES!!! We have tshirts! They are precious and so neat! Auntie Suzanne made them for us ... all the girls and all the grandkids. She tie dyed them herself and did all the lettering by hand!

So, this is the COMPLETE Berry clan. A few months ago, Bella (one of the precious little red heads on her knees below) asked BeBe if she'd take her to the beach! Well, how can a grandmother say no to that!?? So, Mrs. Susan looked EVERYWHERE for the perfect place for us to stay in Destin. And, perfect it was! Unfortunately I have no pictures of the actual SIX BEDROOM house with a pool and right across the street from the beach! SEAWATCH was our home for 4 days and those were the funnest four days! Thank you BeBe for not only a fun time, but a special time for all of our families. I believe June 12-16, 2010 will be a time we will never forget.
There are so many pictures to share but I'll only post a few since ALL of them are actually on facebook too. I have to admit (and you'll see why) I had major beach blues when we got home. I think I'm JUST NOW getting over it!

Day 1 – Truett got the perfect nap on the beach.

So, dad and I enjoyed the water.

HELLO!! then he was ready to play

just fine right here

after a great afternoon at the pool back at the house
and the photo session on the beach ... we enjoyed dinner

with BeBe and Pops at Kenny D's.
(FYI ... some of these were taken with my phone)

Day 2 with Bella ...
chillin in the chair at the East Pass
(see the crane in the background helping set up for the booms
to protect from OIL ... uhh!! Thanks, BP!)

just fine right here on day 2 until ...

mom and dad got me walking in the water ...
back and forth and back and forth

cousin Hayes loved finding hermit crabs

then the original Dewey Destin's was a must!

before Parker and Bella had to go ...
all the grands and BeBe in their tees!

tired of pictures at this point but such a sweet pic ...

pictures are done and Wilkes loved T's book just as much as he does...
or maybe it was just that BeBe was reading it!

Day 3 ... last day on the beach
my sweet little man getting used to the water again.

and then ... he couldn't get enough of it
especially with Dad!

and Bebe and Wilkes ... so much fun with cousins

so, on our last night out ... dinner at Louisiana Lagniappe.
T was great until it was time for dinner.

So, dad and I took turns eating until Auntie Suzanne
came to play so we could both finish.
Nothing like walking on a pier and up and down steps with a one-year-old!
Thanks, Suzy Q!!

This is my absolute favorite shot of me and my little man from the whole trip!
And these ...

my beach boys

Thanks, BeBe and Pops for the fun week!
We are blessed and so thankful!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010


Truett, you are a joy! You make us laugh and sometimes a little crazy. We are having a blast watching you hear and learn new things. It's especially exciting when WE hear you get excited about the things YOU hear!

I love it even more when you repeat things you've done before ... only with a different bucket!! Thanks Carsons!!

My little buckethead