Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Ok ... so, can you tell we are all moved in and living amongst the mess? HA! I made myself sit down and do a short post just to show that we're still alive. The house is great!! I promise I'll post pictures when I have something decorated. It's beginning to look like the hall bathroom may be the winner. After we hang the mirror tonight and clean it up, it will be the most decorated room so far. Of course, Truett's room is pretty much done minus pictures on the wall. 
All that to say, I'm pooped as is Ryan but we're still working hard to make this house a home! We're officially all moved out of 970 White Circle and you can find us now at 716 Windsor Road.

all moved in ... a mess!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to Mr. Berry!

Today is Ryan's 30th birthday! It's kind of hard to believe but it's just another year, right? Ryan is a the best husband, friend and father I could ask for! I'm so thankful he's who God chose for me.  Happy Birthday, Babe! We love you! Thanks for all you've done for us!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nana's Quilt

Ryan's grandmother, Nana (She's 96!!), gave Truett the nicest quilt she made herself. So, we had a little photo shoot on it last night. I thought they turned out too cute and would share a few! Our little man sure is growing! 

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Down to the Details ...

Just a little update ... Ryan is officially off for the week. YEA!!! We stayed at the house WAY too late last night (1:30 a.m.). I finally figured out that I could get Truett to sleep over there and down for the night. SWEET! So, everything is looking amazing! The floors look great ... totally transformed!! Mimi is here and keeping Tru today! YIPEE!!!
We're moving Saturday!!! 

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Getting it DONE!!!

Well, we hope anyway ... we spent about an hour and a half yesterday in Lowes in Batesville. Everyone there is soooo nice! By the time we left, I felt like we knew everyone working there and I'm sure they were glad to see us leave after taking all of our money of course! Tru was a trooper as you can see. 
Now we've got an idea of what the kitchen will look like with the countertops sitting on top uncut. And as you can see from the latest picture of the kitchen (taken with my phone today), Truett is already enjoying his spot on the counter in his Bumbo!(I know! You're not supposed to!) :) The kitchen floors are mopped and ready for tile Monday morning! WOOHOO!!! House, here we come!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Beth is AMAZING!!

I don't think I ever completely bragged on my friend Beth for the pics she took of me when I was big and preggo. She's amazing, has a great eye and so fun to spend an entire day posing with! 
Her business is called b.mofoto and if you go to her blog, you can see more of her work as well as more of the stuff she did of me. She is not afraid to ask you to do anything if she thinks you will and not afraid to get the perfect shot! All of these were taken in Grenada. :) We had a blast! And yes, I climbed on top of an A/C unit when I was 38 weeks pregnant! So fun!!
All this to say, if you know someone that is looking for a photographer for weddings, senior portraits, engagement pic, baby bumps, etc. with a different flare, Beth is your gal! Click hereand contact her! She's AMAZING!!


oh yea! Somebody loves the water!! I can't believe this was my first time all summer to get in a pool but I guess there have been lots more things going on these days and sunbathing hasn't been one of them! So, thanks to Sydney and Landon, my niece and nephew, staying with us for the afternoon, we needed an outing and the Carsons came to the rescue. Mrs. Teresa was delighted for us to bring Tru and come swimming for a few hours yesterday. So, I ran by FRED'S and got this great little float for Truett for $5. Oh yea!!! it's super cute and he absolutely loved chillin' in the water! Thanks, Kayla and Mrs. Teresa for a fun afternoon!

loving the 'Kiddie Float' ... HA

sweet little man

Sydney is the greatest with kids ... if you live in Kosciusko, sign her up!
See those fingers ... we HAVE to have a tooth arriving some day soon!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Paint Works Wonders

Ok, Ok, Ok!!! I've felt the slaps on the hands for keeping you all on the edge of your couches, chairs, wherever ... here are the pics of where we are now! I purposefully waited to post until we got to this point because everything else we had done didn't look like much. 
Of course, in the joys of motherhood, the past two weeks have been some of the hardest for me with Tru. He's growing up! Which means that he's starting cereal which means that my regular routine of feeding has been thrown way off! So, now that we're getting used to that, he's started teething and can't remember what a nap is (unless he's at the Carson's house and takes a 4 HOUR nap!!).
I got to help a lot with the painting thanks to Laura Beth, our sweet neighbor, and my mom. Mom and dad came on Friday and stayed to help Saturday (Happy 4th of July!) and while mom stayed with Truett all day, Ryan, dad and I painted and stuff! So refreshing! Might I mention that my husband did a fabulous job painting the kitchen cabinets with his handy dandy sprayer! Here we are ... our first 4th with Tru in his 'Chicks Dig Me' patriotic onesie (thanks, Aunt Mel) and we're leaving him with Mimi!
Ok enough about all the details... here are the pics. 
The floors go in next week and we're hoping to be in by the end of the month! WOOHOO!!

Master Bedroom and small bath

Kitchen ... amazing transformation


Guest Bedroom

Hall Bathroom (yes, that's Nemo border)

Truett's Room

Friday, July 3, 2009

Painting Anyone???

So while all of you are on the boat, at the pool, partying it up ... the Berrys and my mom and dad are going to be painting the house!! I hope to have lots to show after the weekend! Everyone have a Happy 4th!!!