Saturday, February 27, 2010


Well, we did it! One year! Yesterday was Truett's actual birthday but today was his party! Both days were 'filled with fun and surprises!' (as the book says). Last night we had a special visit from the Rawsons. We went to dinner at 333 since they weren't able to be at the party today. (Those Rawson kids are busy playing ball again! (see here for Sydney's big news)
Truett did exactly what I was afraid he would do, got up a little earlier than normal and was so TIRED during the party. BUT he endured and had a great time playing with his cousins!
Thanks everybody for making it such a special day!
I had a fun time thinking up and making all kinds of things for his party (the invitation, wreath, mailbox decor, both of his birthday shirts, cupcakes that we haven't eaten yet, and a display of pictures of him from every month so far — see in the birthday cake pictures)
It's hard to believe we've made it through a year already. But what a year of blessing it has been!
Truett, you have taught your mom and dad a lot. I am better at time management, prioritizing and loving you today more than I was a year ago. I wondered what it would be like to share our birthdays so close, but it's been a lot of fun actually. I look forward to the years to come. We'll have fun sharing the whole week together and letting Daddy spoil us!
Enjoy some pictures from Truett's 2-day birthday ...

Birthday breakfast ... the candle melted they were so warm!
He loved it!

last night with the Rawsons after dinner
(there was a cat diverting his attention ... HA)


the invite I designed for the big party

the front door ... wreath I made
(Ryan's Nana always said if you don't toot your own horn, no one else will! HA!)

the cake by Cakes and Candles

a little teased by all the singing but not the attention

I'm one!

Proud of our one year old little man!

Wilkes wants some too!

all 12 months in pictures and some of the food

Mrs. Lane and the Sasser kids ... they were so sweet!

enjoying his Cozy Coupe before opening the gifts

having fun opening gifts
(thanks to everyone for the sweet gifts)

sweet Wilkes

birthday boy with his Mimi and Pop

boy cousins playing as everyone was leaving

Today you weigh around 25 lbs.
You love Nilla, wafers, crackers, fruit, chicken nuggets, and LOTS of milk.
You don't care much for veggies these days.
You have several teeth cutting through.
You're finally getting your front teeth.
You love to be sweet. Loving on us after you get in a little trouble for swatting at us is too cute!
You love playing with Blue as long as she doesn't get in your face.
You're the happiest baby we could've ever asked for! We love you, big boy!
We can't wait to get to know you a little more this year!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Yes, that's right. Kellie turns the bid 3-0 today. So......Happy Birthday Kellie! "I hope your day is filled with fun and surprises!" Kellie says that in her family there was a book of some sorts that was read on every child's birthday and that was a line in the book.

On February 25, 2009, one year ago today, Kellie and I loaded up in her little green car and went to River Oaks hospital to check into the hospital so that we could meet the boy we all know as Truett. What a birthday! Kellie is such a selfless person and took it all in stride. What a way to spend your birthday! ha

As most of you know Kellie is the interim Youth Director at our church. At church on Sunday I might have let it slip to a few people that Kellie is turning 30 this week. After a few of the kids got over the fact that she is turning THIRTY! One sweet teenager said, "I thought she was like 24 or 25!" Ha. Which is a common sentiment in our church:) So anyway, before the service had ever begun on Sunday morning, several of the mothers had organized a surprise birthday party for Kellie last night (Wednesday). I wasn't able to attend because I was in a trial in Choctaw County.

Kellie is the best wife that I could ever hope to have. She is beautiful, smart, funny, caring, generous of her times and talents and many other things. I know I don't thank her enough for all her hard work for me and all she does with our little man. So Kellie, I love you very much and "I hope your special day is filled with fun and surprises"

P.S. I hope you like your new phone! If anyone knows some good apps for the android please let her know!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Here we GO!!

Just for documentation purposes ... we got home from church tonight — where Truett had a great time with Hayden Bridges apparently! (Hayden is several months older and a mess. He's also our hand-me-down friend) He was in such a good mood. So, put him down standing, and Ryan lured him with his phone to take about TWO STEPS!!! (this has happened once or twice before but I was not there to witness it) Only 5 days until his FIRST BIRTHDAY! So, I'm not sure he'll learn to walk in five days but it sure is fun watching him learn! YEA, little man!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


dirt and sticks ... yes, we're all boy!
After a fun morning with the Carsons and a nap, we enjoyed a little outside time while Daddy burned some leaves!

and then, it was time for dinner!
(see my new teeth?)
Thank you, Lord for this great weather!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Wednesday

Maybe I should say it's just been a wacky week at the Berry house! It all started late Sunday night not feeling so well and continued my 'not feeling so well' until later Monday afternoon. I'll spare you the details but that stomach bug was nothing to play with! Thank you, Lord that Ryan had the day off!
So, I get better and we think we're all clear and THEN after a long conversation about how to do Wednesday night, Ryan wakes up in the middle of the night Tuesday with a much worse virus than mine! So, we quarantined him and Truett and I left Daddy alone unless he absolutely needed something. That meant, no Mother's Morning Out for Truett and less studying time for me. Hello, WACKY WEDNESDAY... here we go! Needless to say, I realized that things don't always have to be perfect and I can show up for Bible study with the students 45 minutes early and STILL have things in order! Didn't I say I've learned not to let these days get me down?! I mean ... it is a little tougher taking the little guy to church with me (poor Aunt T was sick too) but what an awesome community of people we have there! Breann, you are my hero!
So, it all works out once again!
Only 3 more weeks of this Good Sex study with our students! Keep praying!

This ... well, I can't stand to post anything without a picture!
Someone was proud of his Valentine's card from Bebe and Pops!

Monday, February 15, 2010

My Valentine

Ryan and I realized we've been together for 4 Valentine's Days! Oh how I love this man more now than the day we married (only 6 months after we started dating) ... I love you, Ryan Berry! Thank you for being you — a great husband, dad, friend, protector, leader, and provider.

Easter 08

One year anniversary in New Orleans

Kimberly and Jason Moore's wedding - May 08

MS Bar conference - June 08
(right after we found out Truett was on his way)

hiking at about 5 months preggo

engaged at Henderson Beach State Park — March 2007

Friday ... still behind

So, I've been trying to get to Columbus to see my sister, Melanie and her kiddos, their new house, and give Jake his month-late birthday present! She and I decided I should come Friday afternoon!
Friday morning, I asked Ryan what he thought ... he hesitated but said, "Go ahead, have fun!"
So, I got home for lunch to find a rose for me and two balloons (his new love, remember?) for Truett. The card read, "Happy Valentine's Day! How about a date 2NIT?" OH NO!!!
Well, he insisted that I go ahead to Columbus and we would postpone our date. Did I mention he insisted?? Love my man!
It actually worked out though. He had to work later Friday night.
So, Truett and I enjoyed a wild night with the Sasser Crew!! Jake LOVED his Superman jacket. Madelynn had a date with her daddy. So, it was just the boys!
We had fun! Truett was a little unsure of all the chaos and stuck close to mom! We had a great time with the Sasser Crew!

silly boys teaching Truett a few tricks

breakfast ... Truett wasn't so sure about Jake

Madelynn loved baby Truett being at her house

ready to go

A week behind

How did a week go by without me blogging at all? Especially after my great comeback! I'm not really sure! It was a wild week! And, I guess there wasn't anything too wacky that happened on Wednesday besides a little headache. I guess Satan has realized he can't get me down! YES!!!
Truett and I had a few fun outings. First, a play date to meet little Maya who is only a day younger than him. I forgot to take my camera in...maybe we'll get to do it again! Then, we went to Southaven to check out House to Home, a store a few friends told me about that is more or less a wholesale decor store. I'm so excited to go back and pick out our new wool rug! They are a GREAT deal! I did buy some hooks to go in the kitchen. I'll post a pic when they're hung.
After our venture to House to Home...we went to lunch at Chick-Fil-A where Truett found his new love! (see pictures below)
Of course these pics were the morning after we aqcuired the balloon!

He wanted a balloon so bad after envying the little girl's in Chick-Fil-A.

He really loves it!

But loves mommy too!

Monday, February 8, 2010

A Before and After

I realized I haven't done any updates or afters on the inside of the house in a while. So, here is Truett's room! See the BEFORE here. Of course, the child's room always comes first, right? Honestly his closet hasn't been painted yet but you can't see that!

Hope you like!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's Getting BETTER!!

FINALLY!! I mean I love GREEN! BUT thank the Lord those kelly green shutters are gone! Now all we have left is to replace the columns and landscape!!! It's looking BETTER don't you think?

No, we didn't cut down the big tree!! Are you kidding?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Think We Feel Better

Well, we were still running a high fever on Thursday morning after doing Motrin and Tylenol and Ryan staying home with him Wednesday night while I was at church. So, the nurse recommended we come in and see Dr. Molly Thursday afternoon. Of course ... when we got there the whining and fever had subsided and he was just happy to see Nurse Lindy and Dr. Molly!
Blood counts were good along with everything else! I PROMISE HIS FEVER WAS ALMOST 104 THURSDAY MORNING!!!
Doc said his front teeth are definitely baring down (which might be a contribution to his feeling bad). YEA!!!! Front teeth for his birthday!!
So, THIS IS US TODAY!!! I think he feels better!

Please note the flying milk!! This kids cracks me up!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


YES, it's Wednesday! So, this is the day for another curve ball. I usually take Truett to a MMO on Wednesday mornings so I can get everything set up for Wednesday night. Well, he's running fever today so he didn't get to go. He loves it too! Sad! But I have to be honest and say that I'm not surprised one bit!
Satan will find every way to get our minds off the prize. BUT what he doesn't know is that I was already prepared and am not sweating it a bit ... just focusing on my little man!
On the flip side, I'm hoping that the fever is from the front teeth I'm HOPING are about to protrude through any moment now. If not, we'll cross that bridge when we get there!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


It's official! Every wall in this house is painted! NO MORE DISGUSTING BROWN PANELING!!
Mom and dad kept Truett for the weekend (we sure did miss him) so we could get a full day's work done and party with some teenagers! Here is the before and after (well, still have to finish painting the cabinet doors, hang the clothes rod on the bottom shelf, paint the exterior door and install a new floor BUT 3 coats of paint in one day ... NOT BAD!!) Thank you, Jesus! It feels so CLEAN!!! I know it doesn't look it!

Please don't judge me for the mess that it still is! After it's all said and done, IT WILL BE ORGANIZED!!! We're getting there! Crystal Jolley at Blossoms and Vintage is probably thinking her laundry room wasn't that bad! And she's having a handy little giveaway too!