Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas to ALL!!

What a holiday it has been. We've really enjoyed our time with cousins and family! We left home last Friday and it's been wild since then! Christmas with the Buckleys (ryan's mom's family) Saturday night, me back to Grenada for church and partying with the youth, Christmas with the Berrys Tuesday afternoon (SO FUN!!!), Christmas with the Burnhams on Wednesday, and Christmas Eve service with Mimi and Pop. It's been a lot of fun!
BUT ... Christmas morning, after Truett discovered what Santa brought and we all ate breakfast, Ryan started feeling bad and is now back home in Grenada resting after a LONG Christmas Day in the bed with some stomach bug we assume. So, Tru and I continued with our Christmas Day plans with Mimi and Pop. I felt terrible leaving dad behind but that was his wish. So, we got to enjoy Pop's side of the family at my Papaw's in Brandon ... got to see cousins I haven't seen in years and meet their kids. Truett also got to meet a lot of family he'd never met!
Now it's on to YEC Monday with the youth while Mimi and Pop keep little man!
What a blessing it has been to be with both of our families this season!

The Berry grandkids

the Burnham grandkids plus Melanie
(only way Jake would stay in the pic)

us after the Christmas Eve service at FBC Kosy

Christmas morning in his rocking chair from Santa

Tru and his great grandfather Burnham

Sunday, December 20, 2009

And then there was JUST Blue ...

All the puppies are gone and she's enjoying her reward!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Being a Youth Director there has been a lot more going on around here hence the fact that I haven't updated in forever ... HELLO ... I have a child that is officially into everything and teenagers to tend to amongst everything else. Not sure I'll be able to handle more kids one day!!! How do you moms do it?! Sanity out the door, RIGHT?!??
Ryan and I took the youth to the Matt Redman/Casting Crowns concert last night! It was great and such a blessing! Here's a little taste of what 3.5 hours with them was like.

We have done a lot to the house lately! I'll have to take pics when I get a chance this week! The best of them all ... THE NEW FRONT DOOR!!! love it!
oh and Truett is of course crawling and DYING to walk! Santa, here he comes!!