Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Anniversary to my beautiful Bride

About this time four years ago Kellie and I were on our way from Kosciusko to Flowood in a limo I rented to escort my new beautiful bride to our new home in Flowood. Just six months before I purchased this home in Flowood and we were excited about making it our home. We headed HOME ready to start our new life together. We were also just a little excited about our honeymoon in Belize the next day (man that was an early flight!)

Here's a picture from the beach in Belize!

I am sure that four years ago when Kellie said "I do" she had no idea that very soon our life would change. Just a short time after returning from our honeymoon I got the call from Doug Evans offering me a job as an Assistant District Attorney. We made the decision to leave our comfortable life in Flowood and face the unknown in Grenada, causing her to quit the job she loved, leave great friends and an awesome church. Throughout our marriage Kellie has trusted me to lead her where I felt the Lord wanted us. She trusted me to sell the house she just moved into and pack all our belonging (including all the new wedding gifts) and place them in a storage unit and move into a garage apartment. She was such a team player about it all.

Our first home in Grenada... a storage unit! ha

This of course has turned out to be a great move for us!! God has certainly blessed this move tremendously. We have a great new church. Kellie is exploring the joys of being self employed:) And we have made great new friends, though we really miss our friends in Jackson. We have a beautiful, healthy son who makes us smile every day.

Truett taking a break with Blue

Kellie has been a true gift from the Lord. I do not deserve her but I am grateful to have her in my life. She is patient when I am not. She can calm me down when I am aggravated. She knows how to encourage and pray for me. In short, she is a picture of God's love! As any of you that read this blog regularly, you know that I don't write on here much.... actually i think only once. However, I wanted to take a moment to tell Kellie that I love her and I appreciate all she does to make our life wonderful!! We have had an exciting four years together and I know the years to come will be exciting. I love you!

Me and my beautiful bride!