Friday, July 23, 2010


I'm going to be a BIG BROTHER??

YES!! That's why the blog is a little behind ... mom's hasn't been feeling so well!
Due March 4 {for those of you wondering ... Truett's due date was March 6}
They will be exactly 2 years apart!
Praying all goes well ... get ready for baby Berry #2!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

What a MAN, What a BIRTHDAY!

Yesterday was Ryan's 31st birthday!

What a man Ryan is! He's a hard working, caring, serving, fun, silly, thoughtful, deserving, loving man and father. Ryan has always gone out of his way to help me do anything! When we got married, we made a deal that whoever cooked, cleaned dishes and he's always stuck to that as well as washing dishes was his thing and washing clothes is mine! YES, he still does! Don't be jealous, friends! I realize he is one of a kind and I'm so thankful for him and how he serves me at home.

Not only is he a great husband but such a great father! He and Truett have so much fun together every moment they are together. There is no doubt ... Truett LOVES his daddy! They love to stack blocks, sword fight, read books, and be so silly together. I am so thankful for a man that makes spending time with his little man his priority.

Happy Birthday, RYAN aka DADDY!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Wild Ride and Week

Yes, I know! I'm a little behind on updating about our week and weekend in TN. I guess you could say I hit a wall when we returned. {We'll share all those lovely details at a later date}

My last post was about being in Nashville and in Nashville I was! We made it SAFELY to say the least. I had a WILD RIDE about half way there when I was run off the road by another church bus (in my own car following our bus – they didn't mean to of course!). I went out of control on the interstate and ended up going the opposite direction on the shoulder after almost flipping! A WILD RIDE. Thank the Lord everything was fine – only one tire came off the rim and had to be put back on. Thanks to the local firemen of Brownsville, TN, for changing my tire!!! Needless to say, I didn't drive the rest of the way there.

We really drew a crowd ... two more church buses up ahead and emergency vehicles.
Thanks to these guys below ... we were back on the road in 45 minutes.

One tire off the rim...
It is truly amazing I didn't flip ... almost ... but didn't flip!

MFUGE was great though! The week with our students was a blessing and so rewarding to see them respond to God's voice. We were all exhausted by Saturday but it was all worth it!

Sweet kids at The Shalom Zone

sweet little Kimberlyn was mad because we wouldn't let her have the camera.

Our crazy group

and all of us crazy girls!

kaylie and carli all geared up for MEGA RELAY

worship on Wednesday night ... amazing ... Tim Bertram painting this with his hands was it!

It was excited to see my boys Saturday afternoon as they met me on our way further East to Townsend, TN, for the Sudduth family reunion. (My mom's brother and sisters, my cousins, and all our kiddos) It was wild and so fun! It had been about four years since we were all together at Meemaw's funeral which was brief and not a huge time to visit. So, it was great to meet all the great grands and see all of them play together. Truett is the youngest and he loved the play time with so many little people like him!

this is the almost the whole gang...we miss you, Steve and Kirk Sudduth!

sweet Sydney ... 13 and still precious!

little man loved running ... a few scrapes and bruises but he had a blast!

two sweet girls ... princess Madelynn and Syd

Mom's sisters and brother and spouses ... Meemaw and Grandaddy would be so proud!

We spent the 4th of July together all day at The Lodge at Valley View. What a fun day! We're so blessed to be a part of such a precious family. There have been some major trials in all our lives over the past few years. Being able to be together for a short time was so rewarding!
Some of us even floated the river with all the other 400 people that were there too. Low river + holiday=Interesting.

we loved the fireworks

Somebody taught this little man how to say ... WOW!! at the fireworks.
So, now, Truett loves to look up in the sky and say, "WOW!!"