Friday, March 26, 2010

Never say never!

Never say say never. I admit it. I said never. I might have even said never ever. I remember seeing all those helpless parents. Stuck. Watching. Bored. But now I am in a place I thought I'd never be. And you know what? I kind of like it. ha!

So if the picture doesn't tell the story, here it goes. I came home for lunch at our house to find Truett watching the devil. Well not quite the devil but that big purple monster also know as Barney. Truett absolutely loves Barney! I have no idea but it is quite the phenomenon. He stands directly in front of our TV with his little hand stretched up to touch it (which results in us having little boy hand print smudges all over our TV! ha).

Anyway, back to the story. Truett is mesmerized by this big purple dinosaur. Fast forward to my favorite time of the week.... 5PM Friday. I was planning to stop by Walmart and pick up the movie Disneynature: Earth at the Redbox.... wasn't there. So I ended up getting "Where the wild things are." Anyway, I decided to run through the electronic section and make a loop. Because it IS friday in Grenada and that's what you do! So to cut off this long story I ended up buying the movie below (Barney. Numbers! Numbers!)

So, I guess it is official... I am one of those Barney parents! Kellie I guess this makes you guilty by association! And I have to say its not that bad. After all when something makes Truett as happy as Barney, I'm more than happy to spend five bucks on a DVD. Even if I did say "never ever." Why? I love that little boy!

Momma Berry: HA! I would just like to say that PBS is the ONLY cartoonish channel we have and at lunch time at 12:30, it's BARNEY!!! UHHHHH!!! But if he loves it, he loves it! And if his daddy loves to see him love it, it makes it even better! You really will do anything for your kids!!


I can't believe this little man is 13 months old today! It's hard to believe around this time last year we were at Bebe and Pops' for Easter. I will never forget it was T's first Sunday in church. He was sleeping so silently when the pastor began to speak and at the first rather LOUD exclamation, Truett jumped and screamed and I scurried out ... from the VERY FRONT all the way out the back doors!! HA! It was a memory to say the least.

Here he is last year at Easter

and here he is admiring Bebe's Easter decorations
outside last weekend.

I just found these and didn't realize I had not downloaded them. My mother-in-law always has the greatest decorations at any holiday. From the time you drive up and all throughout the entire house. I love it and I think T already is too!!

Today, Truett weighs about 27 lbs and is about 31 in.
He likes to eat when he feels like it. He loves chocolate pudding thanks to Aunt T. YUM YUM!!
He still LOVES his milk. He's talking a lot ... mostly jabber.
He says STOP a lot (I'm assuming I need to learn not to say that as much ... ha!)
He loves his daddy and expects to see him in the morning when we walk into the den.
He is learning to love Blue more and more and Blue is learning to let him.
He gives sweet love BUT has figured out that those front teeth can hurt someone. (He's only done it to me twice. We're working on that. OUCH!)
He's so silly and loves to be outside!!

We love you little man! Can't wait to see you keep growing up!! You're a blessing and a mess!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

so many pictures ... such a fun weekend

I won't say much because the pictures speak for themselves. Starting Thursday night, Truett and I started a long journey full of cousins! So, here are pictures from the weekend.

We started at Mimi and Pop's in Kosciusko!

Mom, what have you gotten me into?

all bathed and ready for bed ... at least the Sasser kids were
Baby Truett was awake for 2 more hours

Madelynn loves her Baby Truett

SEE!!! She's too cute and sweet.

After shopping in Jackson, we went to Papaw Burnham's in Brandon.

Truett and Papaw
My grandfather is 83 years-old and still tills two LARGE gardens every year. Oh how we love the fresh veggies too. Can't wait!!

Sweet Landon is growing up!

T and Ms. Jessie playing ... they have great toys!

See!! Jake took Madelynn's pink pony!
poor thing kept falling off. We finally realized he was just being silly!

Then T had to try!

Then after some yummy veggies from last year's garden,
Sydney and I found Papaw's hats!

then Madelynn wanted to play

I'm not sure they knew what this thing did but it sure looks interesting!

Dad's family portrait ... had to be around 1958 or so.

Ms. Jessie and Papaw next to his Caddi.
It's OLD and still runs great! They even took it for a spin.

Papaw was loving the grandkids and greatgrands in front of his Caddi.

walking with Landon

Sydney loves her Truett too!

Papaw, Dad and little man

Then we stopped in Puckett and
surprised Kimberly at
her store (Miss Priss).

Kimberly was a single mom for over 3 years
and was my prayer partner before we moved.
I have learned so much from this girl!!
It was so great to have a short visit with her.
Note: Truett had his first Airhead thanks to Mrs. Kimberly! YUM YUM!!!

Then we went to NEW HEBRON for Haye's birthday party and the rest of the weekend.

T and Dad outside ... where he preferred for most of the party!

It was fun.

lots of presents

and lots of crazy kids

The birthday boy had a good day!

Truett loved it too!

Mallory was just chillin' in the Police Car

and Uncle Andy was BRAVE!!!

What a fun, cousin-filled weekend!!!
We had a great time everywhere we went!
I just hate we didn't get a picture of all the Berry kids together.
Maybe next time!
Thanks, Mimi, Pop, Bebe, Pops for giving us a place to lay our heads!
Whew...that was long! I'm off to bed.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another FIRST ... this one is BIG!

Ok ... so, if you haven't noticed, my little man has GOT some hair!!! So, after realizing Sunday that he was looking a little homely with his ferociously long bangs, I decided it was TIME. Truett is 12 months 2 weeks and 4 days old today and he got his FIRST HAIRCUT!
Lindsey cuts my hair and Ryan's and she's also a precious person — so sweet and loves little ones! Side note: The shop she worked in burned a couple months ago and they are in a temporary spot but will open in the new place this summer!! I know they are so ready!
Anyway, I text her this morning and asked if today could be the day to cut the little man's hair! She told me to come on! So, we arrive and our entourage soon after. HA! (See them in the mirror shot: Aunt T (Truett's 3rd grandmother), Kayla (t's daughter and Truett's first baby sitter, and MayMay (Madison: their sweet little neighbor who loves Truett)
Truett did great! He was a little overwhelmed by all the hairdryers blowing, the giant bib he
had to wear and Mrs. Lindsey snipping away at his sweet hair. BUT she did an awesome job and was SOOO fast!
Thanks, Lindsey for making it quick and fun and for letting us bombard your station like the paparazzi! YEA...


Mrs. Lindsey and T before the chop!

Truett and his paparazzi

beauty shop boy in his cape

is it over yet?

Mom reading the dinosaur book to get him to look down

way more interested in the lady using the hair dryer!

YEA!!! We survived!

Mom and her big boy ... his hair is too cute!
Thanks, Mrs. Lindsey and entourage for a fun first haircut!

Monday, March 15, 2010


I guess when you have a one-year-old just about everything is a first ... at least what you want to blog about anyway!
BUT, before we get to the firsts, I must show you the progress Ryan and Pop made this past weekend! The back porch is our last BIG project. And oh how we are ready to be done!! There are a few more things to be done (front posts and landscaping), but they aren't BIG. I'm amazed at my husband's work! He's amazing! Here you go ... here's the work.

the porch after they were done ... it has a coat of paint on it now.
Click here to see the progress before this.
AMAZING!!! Thanks, POP! B & B Construction is ready to begin!

Then they cut down a few trees, limbs, etc.

And Truett was amazed!


NOW ... more firsts!

NUMBER FIVE ... playin' in the mud.
I'm a little disappointed in myself for not just letting him stick his face in the mud.

then we had to get a bath ... of course NOT A FIRST!

loves it and not allergic ... YEA!! (Sorry, cousin Jake.)

NUMBER SEVEN ... meeting the Easter Bunny
not so sure about him as you can see!

Mr. Truett just decided today that he would be a walkin' man ... walking more often than not.

Friday, March 12, 2010


It's amazing what this change in weather can bring! We've definitely been enjoying it. Blue finally got a chance to get in the water again. T was a little concerned about her being all wet and did NOT like her shaking off on him. NUMBER ONE ... going to the lake with BLUE.
Everybody knows this time of year brings baseball. And, we have four guys in our youth that play for Kirk Academy. So, we bundled up last week when it was still pretty cool out and went to the game. Truett was in awe of the boys running around the field, the bats, the balls, and everything! I think we've got a baseball boy on our hands! NUMBER TWO ... BASEBALL
This past weekend was DNOW 2010: A Passion for Purity with the students at FBC. Since I'm in 'charge', Mimi and Pop kept T so we could blow and go freely all weekend. What a blessing!!! It was a great weekend but we sure did miss our little man. I just knew he'd be walking all over the place when we went to get him.
He was definitely showing out but not walking on his own quite yet. See the pics and video below. NUMBER THREE ... TRYING TO WALK.
Thanks, Mimi and Pop! I think somebody loves you!!!
And as if that's not enough, we went ahead and turned our big boy around so he can see where we're going now! He weighs 26 lbs. and is 31 in. long. Those feet were kicking the back of the seat again! Love it!! But not sure I like how he looks like such a big boy! NUMBER FOUR ... RIDING FACING FORWARD.
So, that's a lot of firsts in the past 2 weeks. But we're loving every minute of it.


Somebody loves his Mimi and Pop!!

He just won't let go!

showing off for mom and dad

Big boy on his first ride facing forward.