Tuesday, June 30, 2009

4 Months Old and a Big Boy

This is a little late ... a few days ... but Truett is officially 4 months old now. It's amazing how time has flown. Sometimes I feel like it was just yesterday that we came home with him just like everyone said. Then, sometimes it feels like he's been here forever. Truett is such a joy! He loves his mommy! There is no doubt about that. He is STILL almost rude to his daddy and everyone else when I'm around. He keeps his eye on me no matter where I go in a room. It's pretty cute!
While Dad has been working on the house every night, Tru and I have been getting some good quality time together. Today was a big day ... he had his first bit of rice cereal in a bottle which he LOVED, he took a 2.5 hour nap, and then he rolled over with a little encouragement! Talk about a big day!!! I'm tired just thinking about it!

So, here is my little man getting ready for bed tonight and his shirt stuck on his head! HA! I just had to take a picture of this. The head hole wasn't very big! Poor thing. 

Monday, June 29, 2009

More Light ... new doors!

Saturday was a day for hanging doors after Ryan had painted the ceiling throughout the entire house! We had great help too! Ryan's parents came unexpectedly (a great surprise) and mine came with me from the Sudduth family reunion where all the great aunts and cousins got to meet Truett. What a blessing! Ryan has been working his booty off by himself every night. So, it was great to be able to help him out and a few others helping out. Mrs. Susan stayed with Tru while mom and I went over to check on the men and their progress. We now have 3 new exterior doors!! So, it's coming along still ... slowly but surely! Our goal is to start ad come close to finishig all the painting by next week so the floors can be installed. 
So pray for babysitters to appear for my sanity! I desperately want to be a bigger part of all of this. Truett and I are still having a good time, though!
Check out the guys installing this door! :)

three men ... one door

Thursday, June 25, 2009


OKAY ... better late than never! I haven't posted many new images of the house because I'm pretty sure you don't want to see a pile of carpet tacks (which actually would have been good evidence... oh well), wallpaper, nemo border (yes, the bathroom had it) and the biggest pile of dirt. YUCK! We've done more and more every day ... well, Ryan has. I've done as much as our little man will allow that doesn't require fumes in the air. Ryan's roof was complete last week after Chris, a super nice guy that works at True Value, came and shingled it. He did a great job and is being such great help every time I go in to get a new carpet sample or pick out doors! Oh by the way - all floors are picked out ... just have to be installed now! So fun!
So far all we have left to do, is prep the whole house for painting ... every room, sand the cabinets, install new exterior doors, paint the whole house, install countertops, sink and appliances and have the floors installed. THEN, we can move in! Pray that we can get a lot done this weekend and that our little man will cooperate with me. So, here's our latest big project and it actually wasn't so bad after collaborating our methods on removal. Our house is officially wallpaper free!

This will be the guest bedroom. The hall bathroom and Truett's room both had borders that had to be removed as well. Who EVER thought wallpaper was a good idea!!!? URGH!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Truett Saw Her First

Well, I just want to show the true evidence that Truett saw her first! One of my great friends and roommates from college, Shea, had her little girl about 2 weeks ago. I think she's going to be that blonde hair, blue eyed little lady and Truett got to see her first! I say 'first' because two of our other roommates (Courtney and Mandi) are both pregnant and due in the next 3 months with boys. So, when we're at the beach on vacation when their all grown up, I can only imagine all those boys are going to be after little miss Sadie. We had a great time visiting with Sadie and Shea. They are spending the week getting to know each other while big brother Abram is at the grandparent's. She's precious! Thanks for letting us interrupt your day, girls!

sweet girls

love it ... sweet Sadie

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day

Father's Day ... WOW! After church with mom and dad at FBC Kosciusko, the holiday is not just a hallmark holiday like Ryan and I had decided! You definitely see things differently when you have a little man that is watching his daddy's every move. Ryan is a great husband and father. He has a way with Truett and I know it will be the sweetest thing to see their relationship to develop as he grows up! Hes' already starting to watch his every move when he's not staring at his mommy. I guess I never truly thought about the role Ryan will play in Truett's life. HUGE! 

I do know that as a daughter I've always watched my father and wanted to marry a Godly man just like him and that I did! I have no doubt in my mind that my father has followed the Lord's guidance and he is right where he is right now for the sake of Christ. It may not always be easy to understand but it's a sweet place to be! How proud I am of him!

I have seen videos about Team Hoyt before but WOW ... what sacrifice!

Sweet boy

Tru, Pop and me

40 Years ... SURPRISE!

Saturday was a big day with a hilarious surprise! (see below) The Berrys kids planned a SURPRISE 40 Year Anniversary party for their parents. Everyone was there with the exception of a few. If anyone knows Ryan's mom, she keeps up with everyone in the family. So, how we pulled this off, I do not know! But it was a blast! 
Monday was The Berry's 40th wedding anniversary ... 40 Fun Years! It's amazing to think that they have lived together much longer than they were every with their parents. They are so loving and giving to everyone around them and I'm so blessed to have in-laws that have stuck together like they have. We're so proud of you guys! Happy Anniversary from these Berrys!

note the hand on the wall ... we weren't how they would handle it!

Mr. Truett at 4 months
the whole crew that was there ... so fun!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

P is for PIG and a Night with the Girls

Well, today officially marks Truett's 16 week birthday. Some (me being one of them) would say he's 4 months now, but according to our super particular lily pie to the right, he's 3 months 3 weeks and 2 days. ANYWAY - he's a big boy none the less and doing big boy things! He loves  to stand up, smile at anyone who will tell him he's cute and laughs like a silly little man. 
Tonight he and his daddy had a good time together! I got to go have dinner and speak to our senior girls and their moms. So, Truett and Ryan had boy time. Here's a little evidence of them being silly together. I think they must have been reading the ABC book. P is for PIG!!!

Alex and Kayla with their sweet moms

The seniors girl (minus Rachel)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Lot Going On

I promise more updates are coming. We have done a little work inside but nothing worthy of photos. Ryan's roof project is ALMOST done, though! He's done such a great job redoing the whole back addition. It just took a little longer than he would have preferred. The guy should be shingling it as we speak! YEA!
So, now it's time for the major changes inside. We've already KILZed the paneling and are just about ready for some paint. It already looks brighter with the dark walls gone. Truett is officially banned from the house because of all the fumes and chemicals floating in the air. So, we'll be swapping up work time as well as sending him away for a few hours at a time to get some good work done! So, I promise after the weekend there will (hopefully) be much to show. We're so excited about this new place.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fun with the Cousins

Monday, Mom and the Sasser crew (minus Matt) came to check out our new place and play at Mickey D's. Who knew there was such a nice place for kids to play!? I guess when you have 3 toddlers, you know where to go! 
So, after loving on "baby Tru" (as Madelynn says) in his element, we headed to the construction zone for a quick peek at the house before going to McDonald's. Since I haven't set foot under the 'golden arches' in about 3 years, I was a little nervous/excited to eat some of those yummy fries (not as yummy as I remember). Ryan and my sweet friend Tara even got to join us on their lunch breaks! He was so excited about a filet-o-fish (give me that filet-o-fish, give me that fish). EEEWWW!!
The kids had a great time, Truett was a little over stimulated and we all enjoyed a nice, loud, chasing kids visit.

Dad and his filet-0-fish

Madelynn having way too much fun

Deano playing some game ... they even had Lightning McQueen!

Jake holding his own about to run off again ... he's fast!

Baby Tru pooped from all the Mickey D's fun

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Baby Boy's First Swim, Cabinets, and a Hard Working Man

Today has been a big day! Bebe went home yesterday. So, it was going to be just me and Tru. I called Kayla yesterday and made an "appointment" with the busy girl to come visit and see her graduation gifts not knowing that Ryan was taking the day off to work on the house today. It all worked out though!
We all went to the house this morning and I cleaned kitchen floors and wall before the guy came to install the cabinets while Ryan continued work on his roof project. Truett let me do that much and I headed back home to get little man fed and get some lunch before going to see Miss Kayla. 
After lunch, the guys came to install the cabinets!!! So, 
I got to sneak a peek at them on my way to see Kayla. SWEET!! They look great, I must say!!! It's so exciting to see everything coming together. Now, Ryan just has to finish the roofing and then we'll be in high gear to get the inside going. 
The Carson crew was in the pool when we got there. So, Kayla, being the great swimming teacher she is, took Tru for a dip. Kayla's mom had a hat ready for Tru and he was set. He definitely didn't mind the water. He just kind of stared. I think he was so sleepy! Poor baby ... his mom took him on an outing during his nap time. We enjoyed the visit with the Carsons and headed home so Tru could dive in the bed. He is currently laid out on his back with his arm cocked behind his head. So, it's been a big day in Berryland! Dad is still working. Hope he's home soon! He's a hard working man! Let us know what you think about the changes. It can only go up from here! Sorry for this completely random, choppy post. I'm a little pooped!!

Where the kitchen is now ... 
the existing cabinets will have crown moulding 
too after we remove that funky paneling above it.

hardworking dad on his day off

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Demo Begins

So, we've started the process. The new house is well underway to being our new HOME! Ryan is working on repairing the roof of what will be the back porch (currently an addition and a BOOGER), he's torn out the kitchen cabinets, torn down the kitchen partitions and I'm sure more that I can't remember. I've done  little bit ... mostly hauling out everything Ryan tore out, but last night I got to go over and rip up all the carpet throughout the whole house! Can we sayDISGUSTING?!! It looked like someone had peed over every inch of it! We even had dinner at the house last night for the first time before starting work ... no take out for us ... beef stir fry with rice and sweet tea!! YUMMY!

Ryan's mom came so I could go to the doctor yesterday to get rid of the crud and help Ryan as much as I can. She's so great and Truett is loving hanging out with his Bebe. So, we're hard at it and trying to get ready for the guy doing the cabinets to come install them Thursday. I just got back from taking down cabinet doors and pulling up 2 layers of linoleum floors. Feast your eyes on the disaster!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Chat with Auntie Erin

Today after a short visit from Mimi and Pop and working at the new house with Ryan (as much as little man would let me), Truett and I came back to the house to chat on Skype with Erin. Erin is one of my best childhood friends. She, Allison and I were all friends from birth while our mom's were all friends with us in the womb. Auntie Erin is a busy lady! She now lives in Charlottesville, VA, and is moving again in about 2 weeks to Roanoke, VA, to start a new job. We sure miss her!
Erin and Truett haven't gotten to meet face to face yet, but have gotten to chat on Skype a few times. It's the greatest thing, and she gets to see him in action. Since Tru is becoming a very social little man, he had a great time talking with Erin. Who knew a 3 1/2 month old could do this?! I know ... probably not the best thing to be introducing him to the computer at such an early age but it's too funny! Enjoy the great conversation about their feet and all sorts of things! (Erin had just come in from the garden.) LOVE IT!!
(Excuse the horrible valley girl talk. I'm not sure where that came from! Pics of the progress coming, hopefully)

Friday, June 5, 2009


Yes, we've signed on the dotted line! We are now (finally) proud owners of a 1970s ranch style foreclosed house in Grenada, MS in the same neighborhood where we currently live. We closed today and will begin the inside demolition tomorrow so we can get ourselves in this new project HOME by the end of the month (Lord willing we don't run into any major problems). We are absolutely thrilled with this house. Ryan has had his eye on it for at least a year and has done amazing research to get us ready for this. 
After being closed up for over a year, it needs A LOT of work but has sooo much potential! Don't worry, we're not doing EVERYTHING ourselves but will definitely be getting our hands dirty with painting, pulling up floors and replacing part of the roof. 
So, follow us, stalk us, whatever you want to call it! You'll see the progress here!

Moving on UP

Ok, so Kellie beat me to posting about this.  However, here it goes... Last night Kellie surprised me with a date night. I know that it is usually the man that arranges this sort of thing. However, Kellie took the initiative and arranged a great little outing. I have been talking about the new Pixar move UP since the previews came out. I know, I know, this is a cartoon aimed at kids. However, for all that know me know that I am a kid at heart. In any case, I wanted to see it and my wife arranged Kayla to come and sit with Truett while we were gone. By the way, Kayla is quite the best baby sitter in Mississippi. Thanks Kayla! 
When Kellie and I go to movies we usually skip dinner and eat candy at the movie. So we did just that, she got popcorn and a coke and I ordered milk duds and a coke. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Kellie and I laughed out loud several times. Another fun thing about going to the theaters to watch this type of movie are the kids in the theater. I love to hear the little kids laugh about all the silly jokes aimed at kids. This usually makes me laugh even harder than what I started laughing at in the first place. With that said, this movie has something for every age group. The movie is not as sad as a movie like Marley and Me. (Great movie by the way). However, UP tugs a bit on the ol’ heart strings. I do not really want to reveal too much about the movie, because I like to go see movies without knowing much more about the move than the preview shows. So if you want to see the trailer click HERE. So I give this movie 8 out of 10 blueberries. Thanks for the great night out Kellie! I love ya:)

P.S. As the title of Kellie's above post displays, we just bought a house.  Thats why I thought the title fit.. ha.  

A Calm Before the Storm

Ryan and I had a fun time last night. He's been talking so much about the new Disney Pixar movie UP. So, I surprised him yesterday and told him we were going to see it while Kayla kept Baby Truett. He was SOOOOO excited as was Kayla about staying with Tru. 
GREAT movie!! Sad, hilarious and a great story about life! The Berrys definitely give it a THUMBS UP
You'll see why the title is relevant around 3 p.m. today!! 

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The First of Many

First of all, I must say, my husband is the most thoughtful man I know! We've had several conversations since before Truett was born about getting a video camera but couldn't see ourselves with a camcorder just yet. This little camera (see below post) is great and so easy to use and it works great with the Mac and iMovie. Oh yes! Something else for me to play with!! So, without further ado, here is one of the first of many fun-filled short videos of Baby Tru. 

Anniversary Present

This is my first official post on our blog. I decided to start posting to the blog to make it like Fox News.... "Fair and Balanced" ha. Anyway, I wanted to post about the present that I bought Kellie in honor of our second anniversary. As my grandmother says, I'd like to "toot my own horn"! However, the present is a bit late since our anniversary was May 19. I couldn't find this camera in stores so I had to order it on B & H Photo. To that end, I bought Kellie a Kodak ZX1 Pocket Video Camera.

This is our first video camera and I think we will really enjoy it. I narrowed my decision down to the Kodak ZX1 and Flip UltraHD. I really like the Flip because it had a little "flip out" USB adapter. Whereas with the Kodak you have use a cord. While I liked the Flip's USB adapter.... I have been known to break things... and well, I figured the Flip camera wouldn't be any exception. I also like that the Kodak can take still photos as well as videos. The Flip video can not take still photos. The Kodak seemed to be a bit more rugged... this rugged quality is a especially welcome in the Berry household. I am sure that Kellie will be showing off the videos very shortly.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Visit with an Old Friend

Gmail chat is amazing! Allison is a childhood friend of mine that I kind of lost touch with over the years. By childhood, I mean we are 12 days apart and our moms were friends when we were in the womb. So, we go way back! After chatting for over a year on gmail and Alli moving back to MS, we're catching up. She's been wanting to come visit Truett and me. So, Friday was the day since her small break between school sessions at RTS is over. Thanks for the visit Addi!! We loved it!!