Thursday, May 27, 2010

The First Week of Summer

So, this is the first week with no Mother's Morning Out. I told you I would miss that place! So, I'm learning that I need to have fun things for Truett and I to do every other day or so. So, my goal for the week has been to get him used to the pool before we go on vacation. I'm sure he'll love the beach but if he doesn't, he sure needs to like the pool, right?! He's not too fond of it right now might I say!
BUT most of all, I'm trying to be better about just hanging out with my little man. If you know me at all, I don't 'hang out' very well. I always feel like I should be doing something and have things in the back of my mind I 'need' to do. So, in turn, I don't ENJOY the sweet times as much as I'd like which makes me frustrated with myself!

playing old school Super Mario Brothers
and entertaining T on the Wii.

So, I've been enjoying the little things lately! Truett is growing so fast. Yesterday he was 15 months and he's becoming a little man full of words. Of course, Ryan and I can only understand him for the most part but he's really saying a lot! His personality is surely growing and he's become quite the independent one! I'll have to do some stats later. We don't see the doc again until the end of June.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Ryan and I ran away Friday for a little anniversary weekend. Mimi and Pop were taking Truett on their weekend excursion to the Sassers. So, we left town for Kosciusko to drop T off and then headed south. I didn't realize it until the day, but this was the first weekend Ryan and I have had together to do whatever we wanted. Truett has stayed away several times but it was always for some other reason. So, I was excited!

These pictures are from Friday morning
waiting for Daddy to get off work.

Truett with his box from a new toy.

He did this himself! Crazy kiddo!

We stopped Friday night and had birthday dinner at Berry's seafood in Magee for Pops' birthday. YUM YUM!! And spent that night at the Berry motel (aka Bebe and Pops' house).


Then, Saturday morning we headed out to canoe the Okatoma! If anyone has known me since I was a child, you would know I do not favor canoeing! (I almost drown on this river when I was around 5) BUT this was all my idea and I actually enjoyed it! I just wanted to do something outside that we would both enjoy! Of course, I have no pictures of this event! Urg!!!!! It was really fun and only took us about 2 hours ... supposed to last about 4. Oops!

So, we headed back to Jackson where we stayed at the newly renovated King Edward Hotel downtown. It was so nice and just down the street from where we had out first date!
So, we strolled down to The Mayflower (an old Jackson gem) for dinner! YUM YUM!!! rolls and comeback sauce!!! Again ... no pictures!!!

This is the Mayflower.
Ryan gave this to me framed for our first Christmas
the image is by Stephen Little of Jackson

Then, RobinHood was the movie of choice. ***** from me! I was really impressed that they could remake a movie that's been remade several times and it still be so good!!
Sunday morning, we headed back to KO to get the little man who was EXHAUSTED after his big weekend with Mimi and Pop and cousin Jake!

This was his position for the trip home after
he'd already slept an hour at the house while we visited!

What a fun weekend! Thanks everyone for making it possible and thanks to my hubby for making it great and just what I wanted! BUT we were all glad to back under one roof and ready to tackle the first week at home with no MMO!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

We're Going to Miss This ...

Yesterday was Truett's last day of Mother's Morning Out at the methodist church. He's been going every Monday and Wednesday morning since he was almost 6 months old. So, these ladies have seen him grow so much in the past 9 months. They close for the summer, and we'll start back up in August when school starts back! Am I sad, yes, a little! Were they sad? Yes, a little! It's been the greatest things for me while I've been standing in the gap at our church with the youth. And, it's been great for Truett to get a little time with other kids during the week. It's the sweetest place and it's been such a blessing for us!
We sure will miss Mrs. Meridieth and all the little ones, but we'll be back in a few months!!
It's amazing how time flies!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


So, I guess this marks a full year that I've been blogging consistently! I started this last year on our anniversary (see here). Well, it's our anniversary today! So, one year of blogging and THREE years of wedded bliss with my man!
So, happy anniversary, Ryan! I love you for loving me (we both know that can be a challenge sometimes), for being the best father to Truett I could ever imagine and for providing so much for us. I can't wait to celebrate many more with you! Bring on the outdoor getaway!

these are the times that make it all as close to perfect as it can be

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's Been a While ...

I guess a lot has been going on lately but not really. I honestly haven't really felt like myself for the past week and a half ... sick with head cold that WILL NOT go away! I finally went to the doctor and he loaded me up with meds that didn't work and then loaded me up again with something that did ... HALLELUJAH!! So, now I'm still feeling weird but BETTER!

But of course when you're a mom AND when it's too fabulous outside to stay inside, you have youth to play paintball with (yes, i said PAINTBALL... so fun!) and you have a friend coming into town. You get excited, go outside and endure! What a wild weekend!!

Beth aka B.MO ( i've told you about her before HERE), one of my roomies in college came to Gtown to photograph a wedding. So, she spent the weekend with us. It was great to see her and as she always wants to do, we did a little photo shoot with Truett after his nap on Sunday. We debated because it was raining on and off all afternoon but I'm sooooo glad we did! You can see why below!! Beth is finally doing what she's always wanted to and she's so great at it! I think she gets better and better every time she comes.
Enjoy this little eye candy, and if you're interested in her shooting your family, kids, wedding,etc. let me know! Her prices are reasonable even though she'll make you look and feel like you stepped out of a magazine! You definitely won't regret it!

down set ... hut hut!

this is proof of his obsession with this book

walkin in riley's garden

this is his model pose on riley's tractor ... B.MO you have a good eye!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day for ME?

Oh how thankful I am to have a sweet little boy that loves his daddy more than me right now! :)
It's STILL wild for me to think that I'm really a mom and that Mother's Day is for me too!
This picture really describes what Truett loved to do all weekend at Bebe and Pop's house. Baby Jaguar had to deal with him chasing her around. Sweet little man!!!

I hope everyone had a good one! I only hope I can be as great of a mother as my mom and Ryan's! Thanks Mimi and Bebe for taking care of us and putting up with us all these years!

I went to visit Mom Thursday for a bit since I wouldn't see her Sunday!

(I'm a little sad we didn't take a pic of me and T or Ryan and his Mom!)

Playtime ... TRY AGAIN!!

Tuesday morning we decided to try again in playing with little Maya Diaz. She is ONE DAY younger than Truett and so different from him!
She speaks very clearly, is bilingual, and started walking very early (around 10 months). I told her mom, 'I'm not sure you realize how advanced your child is!'
It is my conclusion that all of these above things intimidate Truett a little bit. I only say that because the first two times we met Maya and her mom, Amber, T cried when M would talk and get close to him! HA! Who knows what he thinks about her and why he did that!

So, after about 2 months, Amber and I decided we would get them together again. Since our last visit, Truett has obviously grown up a lot... HA! (walking and talking more). So, I was sure it would be no big deal. We met at the park (neutral ground) and the moment Maya opened her mouth right when she and Amber arrived, TRUETT CRIED!!! HA!
Maybe I should be proud that he's scared of girls his age ... cause one day i'll wish he would be!
He finally warmed up and loved the time playing outside and eating Amber and Maya's strawberries. Little Maya is a doll ... tiny but large and in charge.

So glad we got to do it again! One day they will actually PLAY TOGETHER ... two 14-month-old stay-at-home kids don't quite get that yet!

Amber made a friend after being the strawberry lady.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I think we are beginning to embark on some of the sweetest times of Truett's childhood. I'm sure I'll say that 5 million more times in his life (I hope) but this little favorite thing I can guarantee I won't forget!
Before Truett was born, I bought the Push and Pop book, "Things That Go!" at Dirt Cheap for DIRT CHEAP. I think it was like 50¢. He's liked it but OH BOY!!! Now, HE LOVES IT!! I mean, we're bordering on obsession! This is his favorite book!
He's so obsessed with it that we've started hiding it when enough is enough if you know what I mean! Let me just say that I am SO GLAD that my child is obsessed with reading and I hope it continues because I am not the reader I would like to be. But when you start to quote a book, you know it's bad!
I was telling my mother-in-law about it today, and she told me of a book she used to read to Ryan's oldest brother, Trey. She began quoting it and said she could just about remember the whole thing! Might I add that he's in his late 30s ... IMPRESSIVE, Bebe!!!
How precious! I love how Truett wants to sit in your lap and help 'push and pop' as he learns about the "Things that Go!".
Did I mention that there are things that pop up when you turn a wheel on the side of the book. I really believe that's the obsession, but at least it's about the book!

What sweet times!!! I love it!

Dad can't resist! I think SIX times is the max before the book disappears under the table!
Look how sweet!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010