Thursday, August 27, 2009

Moving on Up

So, things are a little behind on the blog since we moved into the house, baby is more active and mom started school. I think once I get the swing of this online class thing, I'll get back on track. I just couldn't pass up this time though because it's a special day. Several times during the past week, I have wanted to blog about Truett but never found the time. So, I'm doing it now!
It seems like out of nowhere, he has become a big boy! He's doing so much more now. We're eating baby food and doing great with it, sitting up great for about 3 weeks now, going to Mother's Morning out twice a week, and NOW ... he's SIX MONTHS OLD! I know everyone says it, but they really do grow up so fast! We love you, little man!
Here are some pictures from the past month or so.

Mom and Tru on our first morning of school

This is our new favorite thing to do before taking a nap

I meant playing in the floor, not having a photo shoot!

Same day, a few minutes later after spitting up peaches all over

Loving the ABC book that was mom's when she was a baby!

Truett's Cutest Friend

Well, T doesn't know it yet, but he and Owen Shirley are going to be great friends! After Angie's shower Tru and I stopped by to visit the Shirleys before we headed home. It was so funny to see O and T just look at each other. Truett particularly liked Owen's rings and his foot. Owen was a little uninterested and a little distracted by the big screen tv ... HA! Just like his daddy, i think, -loving watching golf.
Owen is the cutest thing! Thanks for letting us come visit!

Truett envying the rings!

Note the hand on O's foot. He was trying to eat it!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

YAY for Baby Gage!

Some of our great friends, Angie and Breisch Stallings, are expecting in
October and having a baby boy! His name will be Gage Breisch Stallings. Angie is a great friend to everyone she comes in contact with. She will bend over backwards for anyone at any time!
So, of course, I wanted to be a part of her big baby shower. It was last weekend in Brandon at her sister in law, Kristina's house (fabulous!). Everything was perfect! I can't take much credit for anything other than sending out the invites which I based off Gage's bedding. It was the perfect time. Angie had a great time and now we can't wait to meet baby Gage!!

the table ... Gage's name done by Naturally Named

Amy's baby carriage creation

Claire, Kristen and Amy

Angie and her college girls

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Little Man Goes to MMO ... Mom cleans house!

Today was Truett's first day at Mother's Morning Out at the Methodist church here! It is such a blessing to have that here! All the ladies were so sweet, and Truett was having a good time when I went to pick him up. If you're a stay-at-home mom, you probably understand why one would send their child to MMO. My reason is not just because I want to get some things done. Although I worked on getting the never-ending boxes out of the house and hanging a few things on the wall — but mother's morning out is going to work so well for me because MOM IS GOING TO SCHOOL! What!??? Well, it's not that big of a deal. I'm just taking one online class through HCC to see if I might like to try to get into nursing school. What am I thinking?! It's something I've always wanted to do, and my super, great, supportive husband has been so encouraging!
Truett will go to MMO on Mondays and Wednesdays while I come home and do school. I'm taking Anatomy and Physiology 1. So, it's going to be interesting. I've always loved and been fascinated with the body and how it works. So, it should be fun. 
Our little man is growing up! Going off to school and all ... it really is amazing how fast it goes!

Monday, August 10, 2009

The House is STILL a mess!!

Well, I'm about 3 weeks behind on this blog but life happens and this house is still a mess! My goal was to get the house decorated and looking nice before posting pics of AFTERS  but I am beginning to feel like that will be ages away since we've been out of town since we moved in basically. So, I thought I would post 2 rooms that are closer than any other ... the kitchen and hall bathroom. We still have a lot of work to do all throughout but a little bit at a time will eventually go a long way. We did a lot this past weekend and even though no one else could tell, we can! I thank God for this house and will be so happy when it's really HOME!

Our Little Getaway

Well, since we didn't get to go to the bar convention this year, we opted for a small trip to Biloxi once again ... this time to the Beau Rivage for the MS Prosecutor's conference. I must say, being the coast casino know it all... HA! The Beau is the best ... so nice as they all are ... but bigger and better than any of the others and much friendlier in lots of ways. Truett particularly enjoyed the pool and sleeping on the lounge chair! Poor child! I told Ryan, "he's going to grow up in a casino and his mom never set foot in one until she was 25!"
Not much to show for our trip as far as pictures go but we did finally take a picture of our usual place to eat the night we go out to dinner down there. It's become somewhat of a tourist attraction, I think. But we like it most because it's a local place. The second time we went back (which was a few months ago), it had been feature on the Food Network. It's call the Blowfly Inn where they actually put plastic flies on your food! YES! it's great! BUT they were out this time. So, no flies for us!
It was a nice little getaway. Also, we always enjoy a stop close to New Hebron to see Bebe and Pops. We met them in Magee at McAlister's for a break and as you can see, Truett was happy to be out of the carseat!

The Blowfly Inn

Baby boy passed out on the chair

Bebe and Tru playing on the table at McAlister's

A Burnham Weekend

Now do you get while the house progress slowed down a bit? Lots of fun with the cousins!!!
This weekend was our annual Burnham weekend 'vacation,' and oh how much fun it was!! We started out early Friday morning and all (minus Uncle Steve and Ry) headed to Geyser Falls. Who knew how great a water park in Philadelphia, MS, could be!? There was something for everyone!
We basically had the 'beach' to ourselves and it was perfect! The sky was overcast and it never rained which we weren't sure about when we were deciding to go.
Truett had a blast playing in his float once again and was pooped and all shriveled up from being in the water so long! HA! That baby loves some water! Saturday we all enjoyed being at Mimi and Pop's and playing on the water slide and kid size bounce house along with a friendly game of baseball. Home runs are outs ... who knew?! and I hit one! HA! I guess I still have it in me!
That afternoon the Sassers (minus Jake), Sydney and Pop went to the movies. The rest of us napped and played in the kitchen with coloring books and Mimi's super cool modeling corn starch thingys (aka EnviroBLOX) ... Jake loved being the center of attention along with Tru. Landon just loved being creative as usual. So fun!
Sunday morning the whole crew made it to church! It's so nice to be back there with everyone. We take up a whole pew now! We managed to make a family photo again. It didn't turn out as great as I would've liked. The photographer turned on the flash for some reason! GOSH!!!
What a blessing though ... we have all moved this past year ... literally! Life has changed but the Lord still remains faithful to us all. I'm so thankful for the parents that have raised me and I only hope that we can be the same for our little man Tru!

Aunt Mel and the little boys in their pjs ready for a day in the water!

A rare Sasser moment ... just mom and dad!

One of Sydney's many poses for the camera

Aunt JuJu and Mimi wearing Truett out!

The boys playing baseball

Mimi and Pop sitting it out with Tru

Tru jumping in the kid's jump house ... then he spit up!

Truett in Landon's corn starch lego thingys hat

Truett in Pop's overalls ... every grandchild has a pic in these.

Wilkes is One and Some Berry FUN

What a fun weekend! Baby Wilkes (Ryan's brother Andy's little boy) turned 1 and we went to enjoy the big party! Of course we take every chance we get to go to New Hebron! So we headed that way Saturday morning to arrive at the pool party right on time. Poor baby Wilkes was about ready for a nap once the party got started. So he opened gifts, ate some cake and took a dip in the baby pool and headed to bed! needless to say, we all enjoyed his party without him. Everything was too cute! 
The rest of the weekend was full of fun too! The Berry girls were there in full form!! They loved entertaining baby Tru and even went to Dollar General on the golf  cart with Aunt Suzanne to spend Pop's money (a must when they visit). We had a fun weekend as you can see!

sleepy boy eating his own cake

oh how they grow!

Parker and Bella love some baby Truett

Pops, Parker and Tru relaxing on the couch

Daddy's Birthday

What a birthday! We moved in the house the weekend before Ryan's 30th birthday. So, you can imagine how hard that made it to plan surprise party but he specifically asked to eat dinner with his parents in Jackson, which we did the day after his birthday. So, the night of his big day, we went to none other than SHONEY'S ... yes, Shoney's. He picked it!! I know some of you are probably thinking how terrible it is that I didn't cook him dinner but I decided a break from the house would be a gift in itself. I did make him a cake though. It looked a lot better before I cut it.
Here are a few pics of the night WHEN we got home that is! We didn't whip the camera out at ole Shoney's!
Tru and his old man

30 blueberries on my experimental chocolate ice cream sandwich cake

We love our daddy!

ok ... so this was really just about Tru and his cute outfit and the shoes Beth gave us!